Fermat’s Last Theorem form the Eye of Physicist

1. Fermat’s Last Theorem form the Eye of Physicist eBook

Fermat’s Last Theorem form the Eye of Physicist 

The extraordinary beauty and conciseness of the formulation of Fermat's Last Theorem make us look for its visual solution. Let's try to consider Fermat's theorem from the eyes of physicist and geometry. It was from these positions that Pierre de Fermat could find a solution whose main ideas would fit schematically in the fairly wide margins of the book, in a few drawings. However, the paradigms that have prevailed for centuries in mathematics have provided a strong obstacle to finding a solution in the direction that, in modern language, is effective. 

Skeptics continue to believe that Pierre de Fermat was probably mistaken. Meanwhile, consistent application of the basic principles of physics, geometry, and thought experiment make us think differently.


Marat Alexandrovich Avdyev

Director of the “Siberian mediation Center”, Union 

Keywords: Pythagorean theorem, Fermat’s, physics, experiment, symmetry, isotropic, n-cube