Elementary Functions. Limits

mathHere we consider the basic mathematical functions, formulas, and the limits necessary for working with problems in physics and mathematics.

1. Chapter 1

AtomInfinitely small and large units are models that allow you to get answers about the real world with a given accuracy. In fact, infinitely large quantities do not exist: approximately 15 billion light-years is the size of the universe. The lower limit is limited by quantum uncertainty or the size of a living cell. But the models work quite accurately.

What is a function sequence limit?

The limit of a function is a value depending on the choice of a point. X

The remarkable limits of sin (x) and others. Euler's number e

Natural logarithms will help you calculate your contribution for 2000 years.!

The model should give answers about the system with a given accuracy.

Logarithms and logarithmic function