Topic outline

  • Introduction

    DialogueWe're going to provide simulation in mediation and to deliver lectures perhaps in cooperation with out foreign partner in modern mediation techniques. Our our students are in the age of 25 . . . 65 years old, middle age mainly. Some of them are bilingual. So we can organize joint session mediation with mix groups including English and Russian students. For instance: bilingual mediator (Russian – English, Kazakh or Ukrainian – English) and Russian students and English students.

  • What is Mediation?

    Mediation for beginners. Interesd based model for problem solving

  • Mediation Community

    We enjoyed of participating in Virtual Mediation Lab with our colleague Giuseppe Leone.
    We provide mediation on line courses in post Soviet Union Republics: Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

  • ADR training

    The use of mediation to resolve disputes is expanding rapidly. As a result,
    the number and types of institutions offering ADR training is expanding more quickly
    to meet the demand for training

  • Mediatior ' s Tools

    ToolkitExample of a mediation agreement that the parties complete before mediation. Deffinition of the Dispute and so on.

  • Test Youself!

    It is very fruitful to continue discussions after every mediation session at forums, wikipedia and assignments. In practice the e-learning content is result of creative collaboration of lectures and students.  

  • Для успешной аттестации

    Для дистанционного способа аттестации не забудьте заверить заявление у нотариуса в удостоверение Вашей личности. Задайте вопросы по предстоящим экзаменам. Посмотрите экзамены др. медиаторов в видео архиве.  Подготовьте эссе о медиации.

    Заявление для аттестации. Заявление о вступлении в парнтерство

    Вступительный взнос в партнерство. Сто вопросов для аттестации